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World Peace Prayer


We all have a responsibility toward this planet,
and no true path to Enlightenment neglects
Love and Compassion for the planet.

Most of our path in a life time
is focused internally on our own awakening,
but there are urgent times
that we are asked to put love and compassion outwardly.

That Love and Compassion,
through clear Intention will bring positive karma
in return toward Enlightenment.

* Houman *



The way to pray is
to first empty the mind.

Then contact the Heart,
by breathing in and out of it.

Gradually bring all the consciousness
into the heart
and disappear there.

As you feel the heart deeply,
feel the blessing of being able to feel the heart.

When you feel that blessing,
then begin to bring the whole country of Japan into your heart
(visualize it inside the blessing you feel in your heart),
so that the blessing is spread to everyone and everything.

Then gradually bring the whole earth into your heart.
Breathing slowly in and out.
Feeling Earth as our mother and all that lives on it
as one family.
Giving love to all,
by bringing in all into our heart.

This is how the heart expands
and spreads love to everyone.
This Prayer Meditation can also be done
for anyone we wish to send
love and peace to.
And it works on a deep level.



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