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...Your Body sitting in this room ... your thoughts sitting in this room.

This room, the rain, the wind, the ocean, this island...

All of it... just an illusion- not real.

There is something very Real,that this island, the ocean, the rain, the wind, and your body is Inside of.

That's Reality, what is Real

You cannot only live in illusion.

And you cannot only live in reality either.

You need to have both.

Then your body, your thoughts..everything will be living inside reality.

If you're only living and just more aware of your body, your thoughts, your life, your individual existence, the force of Reality is not strong enough in your life.

When the force of Reality is stronger and your person-individual self- is smaller, you are living in Spiritual Life.

Until then you need to receive support.

You need to nurse... get nourished by Reality.

The human, which is an illusion because it has no separate existence, has a strong force...its very nature is to make you forget what is Real.

So, your soul can see this and it has designed a particular path this life-time for you to receive enough the Reality becomes stronger in your existence.

Then you will integrate the human and the divine.

Then the human lives inside reality all the time.

You cannot only live in Reality (and) neither can you live only in illusion.

So, let your Spirituality be a force that integrates the human (and) allows the human to be Embraced by something bigger.

This, you cannot find in books..any technique, any particular path.

This is your Secret, your's Your Path.

And sooner or later you have to awaken to what is truly Your Truth, Your Reality, Your Ultimate Potential, Your Potential Self - Your Soul.

To do this, you first have to taste something beyond the mind.

Then you have to surrender to it.

Because that's You.

To surrender to it is just to be it.

No thoughts, no questions, just is the Real You.

And as time goes by on this earth (and) the more you come into contact with the Real, the more you will Remember what Reality is like..because you forgot.

Meditation, sitting with Spiritual Guide, prayer, your own deep understanding...these are the ways to remember that which is the Real you.

Until you will fully remember, on this planet nothing really works.

The human is just karmic pattern.

Your soul is free.

The more you remember that which is the real you - the less strong karma becomes... because you are shifting dimensions.

So whatever path you follow, whatever you do, whatever you come in contact with, let it be a reminder of what is real inside you..what feels real...what is it that is beyond the Mind that you forgot.

You forgot to rest in something deeper than the human.

So let your Heart, your Soul, your True Beingness...remember.

Just remember.

To remember is to surrender to something.

As we are sitting here tonight, the energy opens, and the moment you feel the depth within you, that which is Real, just surrender to it.

No thoughts, no concentration, just embody it.

Let the human disappear.

And that which is Always present- let it be your very Now as you are sitting here.

How can you surrender?

You can't.

You just do it.

And you see that there is no one there that surrenders.

You just simply drop.

That is all.

Every single one of you in this room has a potential to complete this life time; your path, your goal, your existence in truth.

Just get used to Reality.

Feel Who You Truly Are more.

Don't question anything.

Just Be It.

Each time you come contact with Reality it nourishes you.

It goes deep into your bones and reminds you of what You Forgot.

This life-time is the life time of remembrance.

This is when you're going to remember...Yourself.





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